Louis Stevens

Louis Stevens is the youngest child in the Stevens family. He is a prankster and always tries to get at his sister and at other people with his pranks. However, he is still very caring and sensitive and he is an endearing character, always doing the right thing in the end. He is one of the main protagonists who appears in all the episodes, the other being Ren Stevens.

Coming from a family of high-achievers, Louis feels left out of the equation. His father Steve is a famous lawyer. His mother Eileen is a State Senator. His brother Donnie is the greatest sportsman in his school, and his sister Ren is the smartest student in her school. Louis, however, feels that he lacks the 'Stevens genes' and thus, consolidates himself by doing what he is best at: pranking. However, there has been times where he gets the competitive edge on, especially agains his own siblings. In the episode 'Take my Sister... Please', Louis competes againsts his own sister to win the talent show, but ends up working together. In the episode 'Stevens Genes', he believes that he can run as fast as his brother, but in fact he is very slow. However, he gets convinced that this is his talent, even quarelling against his sister. In the episode 'Movie Madness', Louis decides to become a film director, saying that it is his 'thing', as his best friend Twitty and Tawny have their guitar skills and poetry respectively. Throughout the series, he is constantly trying to find his true talent, but also is convinced that his talent is to be who he is: a fun-loving, funny prankster. He is played by Shia LaBeouf

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