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Alan Twitty

Alan Twitty is Louis' best friend and co-prankster. They are always together and are out to prank the gullible. Alan Twitty is on Lawrence Jr. High's basketball team and baseball team, where he learns that he has an arm for pitching in the episode 'Head Games'. He is also a guitarist and singer and wrote the song 'Sacramento Girl', for his band The Alan Twitty Project.

Even though Twitty & Louis are best friends, there are times where they don't get along, like when Louis started The Louis Stevens Experience in an attempt to compete with The Alan Twitty project after he was kicked out. The two bands were going head to head for a gig at Jason Bagwell's high school house party. Another time the pair didn't see eye to eye was when Lawrence Jr High had a chocolate sale with Real Food Industries. The student who sold the most boxes would win The Astro-Scoot XE. The latest in motorized scooter technology. The two end up selling chocolate individually instead as a team after they each accidentally ordered 400 boxes. But, in the end... No matter what, they're best friends & they have each others backs.

Twitty seems to be more mature than Louis in certain aspects and sometimes finds himself trying to save his best friend's butt from getting into trouble. Despite that, Twitty and Louis remain the best of friends throughout the series.